Lighting The Way.

My company is here to bring the light to your event. Specializing in weddings and parties, anywhere from rustic barn receptions to modern, vibrant ball rooms. 

We have recently expanded! LTW has purchased intelligent, professional moving lights. We are happy to provide this service to boost the presence of any dj, or program specific lighting for a concert. Whether for your band, your wedding, or your 50th anniversary party, these professional concert grade lights will absolutely make your event stand apart!

We are located in Birmingham, Alabama but service many areas in the South including but not limited to Nashville, TN.

We also specialize in bringing those Pinterest projects to life! We understand what it takes to plan a wedding, and sometimes, time is a huge hinderance. Those perfect Pinterest projects can be very time consuming, and sometimes nearly impossible to get just right. We can make them happen; Wagon wheels, mason jars, old windows, pallets, etc. Anything you can think of, we can put lights in it and make it a chandelier or a centerpiece. If you have an idea, just ask!