FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

1. Q: How much does it cost?

    A: Well, every wedding and party is different! I choose not to itemize my services and price them out because I would need to price them for large venues and attendance when your event may be much smaller. My prices stay much lower this way and far more negotiable. Generally, I stick to an $900 minimum. 


2. Q: Do you offer a discount or referral program?

     A: YES! This is our newest program! Now, if you decide to contract with Lighting The Way for your event, and you refer a friend or acquaintance who also contracts, you will receive $100.00 off your event (assuming you are contracted for the $900.00 minimum). Your friend must contract and pay a deposit before the discount can be applied but this discount generally equates to over 10% in most cases! This discount is not retroactive so the earlier you plan, the more discount you can get! Please contact me for further explanation!


3. Q: Why the $900 minimum? 

     A: I have found that, generally, the design I can make and amount of lighting that accompanies an $900 price tag can make a basic, stunning look for most venues. Much less than this runs the risk of designs looking like they were attempted and not nailed!! I would rather not do a design at all than do one that people won't remember for months to come! We want your big day to be something set apart and memorable. After all, you're hiring a lighting company to get a unique, personalized design, not some general event company who will give you a cookie cutter design put up by an hourly employee with no passion for lighting. 


4. Q: What if I really want to use your service but can't afford $900?

    A: I truly believe that a perfect design can be reached for the minimum but I am willing to discuss options with clients who are on extremely tight budgets. However, as I said before, I will be the first to tell you that something won't look good and would be better just left out, if that is the case! I want the BEST for you!


5. Q: Do you travel? How far?

    A: Of course I travel! Generally, all venues in central Alabama are included in the price of your design. If your event is further away, a reasonable travel fee may apply. Most events we have been contracted to light have been within a days distance, however, if a set up were large enough and the venue far enough, lodging may need to be covered (ex. Tennessee, Georgia, Carolina coast weddings, Florida beaches, etc). Again, I encourage communication and please ask me about your venue if you are worried. 


6. Q: How do we pay you?

    A: We can accept credit card (though a 5% fee may apply), check, or cash! Generally, the remaining balance due, after deposit, can be paid in full the week of your event or through a check mailed before your event. 


7. Q: Do you do draping?

    A: Generally, in a word, no. I differentiate myself from large event rental companies by owning all of my equipment and drapery is demonstratively expensive. I can offer tulle sheer fabric for many of my designs (which looks awesome!) but as far as draping a ball room or a tent or a gym, generally, it is cheaper for you to go through your table or tent company as they already have this equipment. However, if you are truly interested, I am more than willing to quote a price for rental draperies. I have great relations with several rental companies and can, generally, get you a reasonable price!


8: Q: Are we buying lights from you?

    A: No! Please don't take my lights home! :) When we settle on a price, you are paying for me to come to your venue, set up our agreed upon design, and tear down after the event! You don't have to worry about anything, including, storing lighting that you won't ever use again!


9: Q: I need to cancel your services for my event, is the deposit refundable?

    A: Short answer: no. As is standard in the wedding and event industry, deposits reserve dates and help offset planning and communications costs for vendors leading up to your event. Lighting the Way uses your deposit to reserve the date you specify and then communicates that date as reserved to other potential clients. This cost also covers any planning and meeting that we do with you to make your big day special. As such, deposits are non-refundable.